International Shipping

For international shipments you may be required to include a commercial invoice. If required, it will be provided to you along with your shipping label.  Please bring all three copies with you to your drop off location where they can help you to attach it to the outside of the shipping box for access by customs. 

Sellers in most countries will ship with UPS, and Sellers in certain regions throughout Southeast Asia will ship with either SF Express, DHL, or ECMS. 


Parcel is delivered to the office "autotrading" in Your city. To receive you must present your passport and number of the cargo declaration (our manager will inform You after sending). The parcel it is advisable to get in within 24 hours after arrival of the goods, or the company "Autotrading" may charge You an additional fee for storage. The delivery time and the cost You can calculate on the company's website.

C.O.D (Cash On Delivery)

On delivery order cash on delivery through "Nova poshta", you will be able to pay for the order at the time goods are received.